The Bowl Maker from Bellingham

It was love at first sight! Every year in early December, I stop at Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle to buy the majority of my holiday gifts for others (and myself…) from local artists. For me going there is like stepping into a candy shop. You can find anything from accessories to paintings, natural deodorants, kids clothing and more. It’s a lot like but in person and you get to talk to all the fabulous artists that make those wonderful things.

Last year I met Cary Lane aka “The Bowl Maker”. Cary makes beautifully whimsical yet super sturdy bowls by hand, then paints them inside and out and writes the cutest short poems on the back of the bowls. Since her booth was all the way at the end of the hall, I only had enough money left to buy two bowls. But I ended up tracking her down through the Internets and found out that she has a studio in Bellingham where she makes and paints her little masterpieces.

So, last week I stopped by her studio on my way up to Lummi Island and picked up a couple more bowls to add to the collection. She told me that she just finished a whole bunch of new pieces that will be fired and ready for purchasing in a couple of weeks. I’ll be back for some cups soon!

Here are the 4 bowls I have so far:


And this is Cary holding one of the bowls I ended up buying:


She has the cutest studio, so I was thrilled that she let me take some pictures of her work space and gave me the permission to share it here on my blog.

A new piece in the making:


And the last of her current batch of bowls, but rest assured, more’s coming soon.


Posted: April 22nd, 2013
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