How I decided to start drawing an Animal Alphabet

I’m a HUGE fan of Charley Harper and his animal illustrations. His work is just wonderful! He made an adorable book for children called ABCs. About 4 weeks ago, I started practicing illustrating again and decided to share one new drawing every day to my facebook page

Besides my commitment to dedicate 2+ hours a day to this craft, it’s actually really difficult to come up with new things to draw. This time I didn’t want to go back to my sketch books, but instead draw new things. So when I recently looked at Charlie’s ABCs book, I figured I’ll do my own animal alphabet series for a total of 26 new illustrations – it seemed like a no-brainer.

For the most part I am using different animals than Charley did for his book and I am taking requests from people as they ask me to draw specific animals for upcoming letters. But I did make some exceptions where I am just so much in love with the animals Charley picked that I decided to draw a few of the same ones but in my own style.

It’s been really fun so far and I thoroughly enjoy the process!

Charley’s wonderful illustrations:

And below is my alphabet – so far I am at D for Dolphin.

Posted: June 15th, 2012
Categories: Animal Alphabet, Featured Artist, Nadja Design
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Comment from Agnes - June 15, 2012 at 11:23 am

I would really love P is for Penguin – but I suppose that’s already been used… a porcupine could be fun, too.

Comment from Matt Lawrence - June 15, 2012 at 11:33 am

I have really been enjoying this series. As it happens, my daughter is beginning to read some of her first sentences. She has words she knows by site, and words she can do phonetically.

Design of our alphabet cannot be overstated.

Thanks for doing these.

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