Featured Artist: Isabelle Kunz

This post is way overdue. I just cleaned up my image folders and came across these picture. It needs a little explanation up front to put things into context.

When I was in Kindergarden, I had a sweetheart, his name was Daniel. Fast forward 35 years, he contacts me through facebook. He still lives in Switzerland, is now an architect, married to an architect with two children. I was happy to hear from him after all that time and thought it was fun to tell him that I, too am now married to an architect. Well, this is where the story gets interesting. I am telling him that I am a UX designer but spend a significant amount of my non work time, doing surface design and send him a link to my NadjaDesign.com website. It turns out that his wife, Isabelle, is also a surface designer on the side, so he gets me in touch with her.

This is where Isa and I become virtual friends. She in Switzerland, me in Seattle. She sends me resources on how to get our own fabric printed in small quantities (Spoonflower), webgo in together on getting breadboards printed to split the cost and just keep encouraging each other to move forward with our passion for surface design. All that happened in 2008/2009. In 2010 I am finally visiting Switzerland again and of course we meet. My husband and Daniel hit it off immediately, taking a day trip to Daniel’s construction site while geeking out over Architecture. And I feel like I’ve known Isa for years. We have so much in common with our passion for 2D patterns, color and form, architects, growing up in Switzerland… oh and did I mention that both of our dads were eye doctors! Crazy…!

I am a huge fan of Isa’s work, it’s just so heartwarming. Looking at her designs makes me happy!

You can check out her designs on her website: http://troismiettes.com
And her Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TroisMiettes

Below is a picture of her beautiful work space that she put together in her house in Bern, Switzerland. It’s just so perfectly adorable, I want to move in!

And a picture of the two of us last August in her Kitchen (Isa on the right). She is as beautiful as her work.

Isa gave me a few of her new tea towels (literally fresh off the press) as a gift. I put them in my kitchen as art… my husband is not allowed to use them for hands or dishes! He’s okay with that, as long as I do the dishes. ;)

Posted: February 3rd, 2012
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