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The only to do list I’ll ever need!

As I was looking through my news feed on facebook this morning, I came across this to-do list that I’d love to share with the rest of you. I liked it so much, that I printed it out and put it on my wall as a reminder of that’s truly important! Via Positive Outlooks


The happy jar

This is such a lovely idea! I came across it via the Homestead Survival blog.

Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. On New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year. Today is August 9th, but hey there is no time like NOW to start my jar.


Has it really been 15 years already?

I can barely believe how quickly time goes by. Fifteen years ago today I graduated from CCAC (now CCA) with a BFA in Graphic Design. I still remember how happy I was when I got to shake the director’s hand and walk away with a degree.


A well travelled gnome

About a year ago, my friend Matthew lent me his little gnome so that I could take him on my travels to Europe and do an Amelie style documentary photo shoot with him. I ended up keeping him for more than one trip and took him to Switzerland, Spain, Mexico and San Francisco. But all good things have to come to an end and eventually I had to return my little buddy to his proper owner.

Below is an illustration I made of him (colors slightly changed) and some pictures to show his recent travels.

The pyramid shaped mountain behind him is called Niesen in the picture below he’ll be on top of that mountain looking down at the Swiss Alps.

Here he’s on top of the world on top of Mt. Niesen, looking down at Lake Thun and the Swiss Alps.

Since he is so little, he likes to climb on top of things. Here he made himself a rock pile to get a better view of the Swiss river Aare where he joined us on a rafting trip.

This picture was taken in Denia, Spain with the Mediterranean behind him.

And a short trip to Market Street in San Francisco before going back to his owner in Seattle who missed him quite a bit!

I sure hope he’ll join me on more trips in the future, it was fun to travel with this little guy!


Underwater color magic

As a child, I had a fish tank. A very small one and just fresh water, but I really go into it and spent endless hours looking at the beautiful colors of my guppies and zebra fish. I also had some pretty plants and colored stones in there. Then I moved away from Switzerland and never got a new tank. Somehow I just came across this stunning YouTube video of a salt water reef tank. The beauty of nature is truly blowing me away, I am in awe!


Ever lent something you love and didn’t get it back?

I love lending stuff to people, especially books. If there is something I enjoy, I wan to share it with others. When it comes to books I’m usually cool with people not giving them back to me. I am a minimalist and try to keep clutter down, plus I hope that they will then lend it to more people once they are done reading it. But sometimes I lend special things to people that I really want back, like accessories or gadgets or family heirlooms. And then I forget who I lent it to and they forget I gave it to them and I’ll never see it again.

For the last 20+ years I thought that it would be really cool to have a lent items log book. You know a home version of a library system. Did I ever do it? Not until today. I just got an email from a friend who is looking for a killer wig that he lent to someone and can’t remember who. So I took the opportunity to finally make this book. Now let’s just see if I’ll actually remember to use it!


A cute visual puzzle

I found this puzzle on Facebook last week and have to admit that it’s one of the cutest ones I’ve seen in a long time. Take a look and don’t try too hard, it’s right there for you to see if you blur your eyes a little.

Hint: Number 5 and 8 might be hard to guess if you didn’t grow up in Europe. Enjoy!

A friend just told me that the puzzle is designed by a German agency. The name of the creator is: Matt von Jung.


From battleship gray to rainbows and unicorns!

11 years ago today, I shipped my first product at Microsoft – Office XP. Looking back, I am realizing just how far technology has come in the last decade. Wow…! I left Microsoft in 2006 to work for myself as a User Experience design consultant. While my love for software design is still strong, I am happy to be able to balance that with work from my heart through Nadja Design: art, color and form. Here’s to looking back at battleship gray and moving forward to a place where rainbows and unicorns unite.


Yours is the earth tea towels

Weee… my new tea towels from Yours is the Earth arrived. I saw them on a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist the cuteness, so I bought a set of 3. I am such a sucker for tea towels, and the worst part is that I don’t allow my husband to use them for dishes – we have a different set of terry cloth towels for those. Instead, I just hang them from a door handle and treat them as rotating kitchen art.

Check out the other cute things the artist duo Allie Peach and Jamie Wyckoff have to offer on their website.


5 things I loved during the snow

Over the last few days, we had quite a bit of snow in Seattle. I always love it when the pretty snowflakes turn my neighborhood into a sugar coated winter wonderland. Fortunately my neighborhood got spared and didn’t become part of theĀ  300,000+ homes in the Pacific Northwest that lost power. This means that for me it was just a calm time to walk in the snow, talk about the crazy weather with the baristas that lived close enough to walk to work, enjoy time with my husband, relax, read, draw and marvel at the beauty of nature.

Here are my top 5 things I loved during the snow:

1. Getting a chance to rediscover my visually changed neighborhood and post new photos to Instagram.

2. Walking to Capitol Hill with Elmo-Bandito

3. Realizing that my brand new rain boots designed by the talented Jessica Swift turned out to be perfect snow boots (with a thick pair of socks inside).

4. Walking by a bunch of freshly made snowmen, here are two of my favorites.

5. Drawing some penguins and snowflakes.