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The Bowl Maker from Bellingham

It was love at first sight! Every year in early December, I stop at Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle to buy the majority of my holiday gifts for others (and myself…) from local artists. For me going there is like stepping into a candy shop. You can find anything from accessories to paintings, natural deodorants, kids clothing and more. It’s a lot like but in person and you get to talk to all the fabulous artists that make those wonderful things.

Last year I met Cary Lane aka “The Bowl Maker”. Cary makes beautifully whimsical yet super sturdy bowls by hand, then paints them inside and out and writes the cutest short poems on the back of the bowls. Since her booth was all the way at the end of the hall, I only had enough money left to buy two bowls. But I ended up tracking her down through the Internets and found out that she has a studio in Bellingham where she makes and paints her little masterpieces.

So, last week I stopped by her studio on my way up to Lummi Island and picked up a couple more bowls to add to the collection. She told me that she just finished a whole bunch of new pieces that will be fired and ready for purchasing in a couple of weeks. I’ll be back for some cups soon!

Here are the 4 bowls I have so far:


And this is Cary holding one of the bowls I ended up buying:


She has the cutest studio, so I was thrilled that she let me take some pictures of her work space and gave me the permission to share it here on my blog.

A new piece in the making:


And the last of her current batch of bowls, but rest assured, more’s coming soon.



How I decided to start drawing an Animal Alphabet

I’m a HUGE fan of Charley Harper and his animal illustrations. His work is just wonderful! He made an adorable book for children called ABCs. About 4 weeks ago, I started practicing illustrating again and decided to share one new drawing every day to my facebook page

Besides my commitment to dedicate 2+ hours a day to this craft, it’s actually really difficult to come up with new things to draw. This time I didn’t want to go back to my sketch books, but instead draw new things. So when I recently looked at Charlie’s ABCs book, I figured I’ll do my own animal alphabet series for a total of 26 new illustrations – it seemed like a no-brainer.

For the most part I am using different animals than Charley did for his book and I am taking requests from people as they ask me to draw specific animals for upcoming letters. But I did make some exceptions where I am just so much in love with the animals Charley picked that I decided to draw a few of the same ones but in my own style.

It’s been really fun so far and I thoroughly enjoy the process!

Charley’s wonderful illustrations:

And below is my alphabet – so far I am at D for Dolphin.


Woot! Two for one art, how could I resist!

The lovely and talented artist and surface designer Jessica Swift is packing up her house and studio in Atlanta to move across the country to Portland. Today, she announced a one day only buy one, get one free print deal. These art prints are from her vibrant paintings and I’ve had my eye on them for a while. So today I took advantage of her offer and bought one and got the other one for free. The two I picked remind me of fairytales; I can almost see the sentence: “Once upon a time…” jumping out of the paintings. Thank you Jessica for the generous offer today, I’ll find a special place for them in my house.

If you’re interested in getting one (or really two) of these prints yourself, check out her blog post.


Eames + Polaroid = Awesome!

The Eames were such multi-talents, great designers and amazing storytellers. This ad, created by Eames in the 70′s describes the Polaroid SX-70, a Land camera with complex optics and advanced features that brought immediate-results photography via the Polaroid system.

My dear friend Natacha Salamin, a very talented photographer in Switzerland used the SX-70 exclusively for almost a decade for her photographic artwork. You can see some of that work on her website. A few years ago when Polaroid stopped producing film, she switched to iPhonography which you can check out on her Instagram page.


Featured artist: Jesse Link

Better late than never. I wrote this blog post almost exactly a year ago and somehow never published it. That also means that the show is no longer up at All City Coffee, but please enjoy Jesse’s wonderful anyways!

Here’s the original post:

Nothing better than going for a good cup of coffee (single short soy latte) in an artsy coffee shop (All City Coffee) of a cool Seattle neighborhood (Georgetown) while a local artist (Jesse Link) puts up new art for July.

From Jesse’s website:

“Jesse Link grew up in a small town just outside of Pittsburgh, PA but has lived in Seattle for the past 5 years. He has a degree in Industrial Design From the Art Institute of Pittsburgh but is a mostly self-taught painter. His subject matter has become more diverse in recent years as he expands his sphere of artistic interest but whatever the subject, Link tries to create a harmony between nature and urban culture through his imagery and styles.


The wonderful world of Kelly

On my walk through the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle last night I looked into the window of the cute boutique CakeSpy Shop, where I saw a few of my dear friend and crazy talented artist Kelly Brownlee’s paintings. I asked for permission to take a picture of the paintings to share them here with you. Aren’t they just adorable?

I met Kelly 5 or 6 years ago through Biznik and we’ve been in touch ever since. We’ve collaborated a few times on projects. She designed a bunch of stunning collections for MOGO and recently illustrated the artwork for a Swiss startup called unblu that I am designing for.

Make sure to take a look at Kelly’s website and her Etsy shop, you’re bound to be smitten!


Happy colorful art that influenced me as a child

While we’re having a record warm February in Seattle with a perfectly blue sky and more sunshine than I would have dared hoping for this time of year, Europe is experiencing record cold temperatures right now. But with that comes one of my favorite changes in my hometown Basel, Switzerland. The Tiguely fountain is once again iced over and transformed into a magical winter wonderland.

The photo below is from the Basler Zeitung. Isn’t this gorgeous? For those of you not familiar with this fountain on a non icy day, you can check out this video on YouTube.

As a child, my parents and grand parents often took me to this fountain, designed by Jean Tinguely, an artist from my hometown. I still remember how mesmerized I was with this fountain and it’s may kinetic details. Years later I learned that Jean Tinguely teamed up with Niki de Saint Phalle on several projects, including this gorgeous fountain outside Centre Pompidou in Paris.

I have always been and still am in awe with Tinguely and Sain Phalle’s use of happy bright colors and their ability to make art while clearly having fun with it. Below are a few of their pieces, to highlight some of their work and hopefully put a smile on your face. Enjoy!


Saint Phalle:


Featured Artist: Isabelle Kunz

This post is way overdue. I just cleaned up my image folders and came across these picture. It needs a little explanation up front to put things into context.

When I was in Kindergarden, I had a sweetheart, his name was Daniel. Fast forward 35 years, he contacts me through facebook. He still lives in Switzerland, is now an architect, married to an architect with two children. I was happy to hear from him after all that time and thought it was fun to tell him that I, too am now married to an architect. Well, this is where the story gets interesting. I am telling him that I am a UX designer but spend a significant amount of my non work time, doing surface design and send him a link to my website. It turns out that his wife, Isabelle, is also a surface designer on the side, so he gets me in touch with her.

This is where Isa and I become virtual friends. She in Switzerland, me in Seattle. She sends me resources on how to get our own fabric printed in small quantities (Spoonflower), webgo in together on getting breadboards printed to split the cost and just keep encouraging each other to move forward with our passion for surface design. All that happened in 2008/2009. In 2010 I am finally visiting Switzerland again and of course we meet. My husband and Daniel hit it off immediately, taking a day trip to Daniel’s construction site while geeking out over Architecture. And I feel like I’ve known Isa for years. We have so much in common with our passion for 2D patterns, color and form, architects, growing up in Switzerland… oh and did I mention that both of our dads were eye doctors! Crazy…!

I am a huge fan of Isa’s work, it’s just so heartwarming. Looking at her designs makes me happy!

You can check out her designs on her website:
And her Etsy shop:

Below is a picture of her beautiful work space that she put together in her house in Bern, Switzerland. It’s just so perfectly adorable, I want to move in!

And a picture of the two of us last August in her Kitchen (Isa on the right). She is as beautiful as her work.

Isa gave me a few of her new tea towels (literally fresh off the press) as a gift. I put them in my kitchen as art… my husband is not allowed to use them for hands or dishes! He’s okay with that, as long as I do the dishes. ;)


Watch ‘em grow!

My friend Amit (@meetamit) created a super cute website called Watch ‘em grow! where you can click and drag on a blank page to grow your own beautiful vines pattern. Give it a try, I LOVE it! :)