Nadja Haldimann | 206.354.8423

Born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, Nadja studied Fashion Design at Modeschule Hetzendorf in Vienna, Austria, and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at California College of the Art in San Francisco.

An artist in different media, Nadja feels particularly drawn to her work with pen and ink. For over 10 years she has created 1″x1″ black line drawings, filling over 20 sketch books with nearly 3000 individual illustrations. In 2009 she began digitizing, coloring and screen printing her original artworks. She also started producing her art for fashion and design industries, including women’s apparel, paper products and home d├ęcor goods.

Nadja’s aesthetic style is a pleasing contradiction in terms. Bold and minimalist, vibrant in color with the restraint of clean, simple lines, her artwork depicts otherworldly shapes with a hint of the familiar, as if one is viewing objects and landscapes in the known world, but through a microscope. Ever fascinated with new and different ways of seeing, Nadja is able to share that wonder of perspective through her art.

The inspiration for her art began in childhood, when her family ran a private theater and opened up their home to international artists and performers. Nadja was introduced early on to the fantasy worlds of painters, actors, musicians, acrobats and magicians. Her father, a medical doctor, was himself an amateur magician. Nadja finds beauty in balancing objective and magical views of the world. In her art, one recognizes the practical Swiss sensibility that favors simple, elemental forms. But one also perceives the dramatic vitality – and the love of fantasy and illusion – that characterizes her childhood.