5 things I loved during the snow

Over the last few days, we had quite a bit of snow in Seattle. I always love it when the pretty snowflakes turn my neighborhood into a sugar coated winter wonderland. Fortunately my neighborhood got spared and didn’t become part of theĀ  300,000+ homes in the Pacific Northwest that lost power. This means that for me it was just a calm time to walk in the snow, talk about the crazy weather with the baristas that lived close enough to walk to work, enjoy time with my husband, relax, read, draw and marvel at the beauty of nature.

Here are my top 5 things I loved during the snow:

1. Getting a chance to rediscover my visually changed neighborhood and post new photos to Instagram.

2. Walking to Capitol Hill with Elmo-Bandito

3. Realizing that my brand new rain boots designed by the talented Jessica Swift turned out to be perfect snow boots (with a thick pair of socks inside).

4. Walking by a bunch of freshly made snowmen, here are two of my favorites.

5. Drawing some penguins and snowflakes.

Posted: January 20th, 2012
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