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A little glimpse into my Instagram gallery

A few weeks ago I got approached by @PedroAlmeida one of my Instagram followers, asking me if I wanted to participate in a new multimedia web project on Público newspaper, a Portuguese daily news site. Never having been asked anything like this before, I felt honored to be one of the photographers they picked for this series and sent him 10 photos that best represent my style on Instagram and a brief blurb about my experience with daily social photography. Just a few weeks later, I got an email that it’s up on their site. Extra bonus points if you speak Portuguese and can actually read the description on the right.

Check out the slideshow on

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Meet TheNadj Menagerie

Say hello to two members of my menagerie. The left one is a gift from a friend from a few years ago. He reminds me that the world really is all about rainbows and unicorns! The little wand broke once, but love (or rather super glue) was stronger than that. The little duck on the right is vintage. I guess that now officially makes me vintage… ugh! I recently rediscovered it in my mom’s house. It’s a tin windup toy that I used to play with as a child. Today, these two cuties sit on my desk and make me happy on a rainy Seattle day. Check out the rest of TheNadj Menagerie.


Ring, ring… who’s there?

In a time of text based communication it’s getting easier and easier for people to reduce phone calls to a bare minimum. I was never one to voluntarily pick up the phone to just call someone to chat. At best, I’d use it to communicate something that couldn’t wait or to arrange a time to meet someone in person, at worst, I’d simply let it ring and wait for it to go to voice mail. For me as a visual person, I like to see someone when I talk to them, or at least read them in email or text messages. With Face Time, I am slowly warming up to “phone” conversations with friends and family overseas, but it’s still not the same as talking to them in person. Last week, a friend took me to an underground art show in Basel, Switzerland where this caged phone hung as part of an installation. It immediately spoke to me; a vintage phone hanging in mid air, out of reach as an object of the past. Would you pick it up if it rang?


Cardboard is the new plastic!

Swiss psychologist, writer, artist and overall creative mind Michael Mittag couldn’t find a case for his new iPhone 4S. Apparently the buttons on the 4s are in slightly different locations than the ones on it’s predecessor iPhone 4. Instead of waiting for the new cases to arrive at the store, Michael took action and crafted his own. I absolutely love how it turned out and really like the contrast between the sleek glass/metal gadget and his innovative cardboard creation.


Make your own 3-D photo tunnel book!

Okay, this is really fun! Photojojo posted instructions on how to make your very own 3-D photo tunnel book. Weee… brings me back to childhood but with adult skillz! Check it out, make one and let me know via twitter @thenadj instagram @thenadj or email what you came up with.


Homemade roasted squash ravioli

For my birthday I got a pasta maker. It actually took some time to convince my minimalist husband to add another “machine” to our kitchen. So now I have to prove that I am worthy of the clutter. Seasonal for fall, I decided to make raviolis with a roasted  squash, parmesan and toasted almond filling and it am happy to report that it was well worth the time it took to clean up the flower dusted kitchen. If you’re interested in making them yourself, here are a couple of recipes that I mixed and matched to create my own: recipe onerecipe two


Follow Friday on Instagram

Twitter started this lovely tradition that’s now slowly but surely getting adopted on Instagram. The #ff hashtag stands for “Follow Friday” and is a signal of your support and recommendation of fellow users to your friends!

I am sooo excited about the users I picked today, that I’d like to share them with you here on my blog. If you’re not on Instagram, just click on the @links below each set of photos to view them in your browser.

@_kitkat from Australia will make you happy with her pastel fantasy world

@iconomaque is a creative director from Paris with an exquisit eye for details

@yokopium is an artist from Japan who paints a world where whimsical geometry meets color.

And last but not least I’d like to introduce @dankhole who’s clean architectural photos seem to all make the popular page. Take a look and you’ll know why!


The how to hula hoop rap song

As a kid I was an avid hula hooper, you know the around the waist thing in the summer on the grass. Then I grew up and forgot all about it until a few years ago when I started seeing people hooping in the park, but this time it was adults and they did tricks! A few years ago a friend of mine showed me how to make a hula hoop from pvc tubing and electrical tape. I chose orange and pink, I love that color combination! My hoop has been with me to burning man and back a few times and all along I kept admiring the “pros” who are only hooping around the waist to take a quick break between arm, leg, neck and all around the body dancing awesomeness. Well, as of last week I’m taking a hula hooping class at a circus school in Seattle and have already learned a couple of pretty cool tricks. I just hope the teacher was right when he said that we’ll only get bruised once – per new body part!



There couldn’t be a better word to describe today’s news than “iSad”. The creative genius, innovator and visionary, Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56 after a long battle with cancer.

Instagram is a fast growing iPhone app and social media community where people share photos from around the world. It’s hard to imagine that this amazing community would have never happened without Steve Jobs! Lots of Instagram users define themselves as “iPhonographers” which is why I’d like to dedicate this post to the man that paved the way for all of this to happen and the people using his technology every day!

RIP, Steve Jobs!

Top left to bottom right: @half_baked @sgoralnick @macmasi @jasper_jonson @miky_mike @iapplefanboy

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Artwork for MOGO Charms

I designed the first 20+ collections for MOGO, the Magnet Charm a tween fashion jewelry product and accessories. Below is a sampling of some artwork I was commissioned to created for MOGO.