News for December 2009

Fruhstucksbrettchen – An Europan Breakfast Tradition

“Fruhstucksbrettchen” is a German word that translates to “breakfast boards”. In Europe, people use these 9″x5″ boards as a surface instead of plates to put butter and jam on their piece of breakfast rolls. The extremely durable melamin material withstands heat and scratches and makes these little boards useful multi-purpose kitchen accessories that can double purpose as cutting boards, hot plates or decorative platforms for cheese and other hors d’œuvres. Starting in early 2010 we will be offering 4 styles to our line of “Stuff with Art on it!”. These boards are made in Germany.

Style: Meadow Twist

Style: Static Base

Style: Peek-a-Boo

Style: Summit Poise


Note Cards – Press Check

We are developing a new line of greeting cards. 10 boxes with 12 cards and envelopes each. We’ll sell them for $12 per box (we figured $1 per card). Today was a big day, we went to the printers and did a press check and to our surprise, the colors turned out better then we hoped for. We’re super excited to get this products into stores soon!



Shirley Chiu from SC Collection made this beautiful sterling silver prototype for our first jewelry product.

The photo above is still of an early stage of the 3.5cm prototype (not yet finished, just the raw outline of the design). In the meantime we got it finished, engraved with our logo on the opposite side and sent off to make a mold so that it can be cast for future production.

The piece is based on this watercolor art that I drew back in August.